About Us

We are a volunteer group of former Victoria Police who have been trained as Peer Support Officers whilst we were serving or since leaving the Victoria Police Force. We come from a diverse background with just about every squad or unit of the Victoria Police covered by our retired peers.

A former Victoria Police member developed the Retired Peer Support Officer program in 2014. However, prior to this several members were providing support to former colleagues. We decided that it didn't matter if you had resigned or retired or the length of service, we would support former police members of any Police Force/Service that are referred to us.

We are all volunteers who give up our time to support former colleagues who may not be "travelling too good".

Some of our referrals have been received from psychologists, former members and organisations such as The Police Association of Victoria and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

We have supported 100s of former police. Some were short term and others are ongoing.

An RPSO's role is to provide assistance to their peer, based on the belief that individuals who have lived experiences of life issues, can better relate to other individuals trying to deal with similar issues.